Did you know that 14% of adults in Pitt County have “below basic” skills? For them they cannot complete a job application, use a TV guide, read a street map or signs or read the instructions on a medicine bottle. For them, simple everyday tasks present real problems.

And, 24% have “basic” skills. They can function by signing their name and adding numbers on a deposit slip, but they need higher level skills to function adequately at work, at home, and in everyday life.

Literacy Volunteers – Pitt County is an organization whose mission is to improve the literacy skills of adults in our community. This is accomplished through trained volunteer tutors who provide one-on-one and small group tutoring.

Why Should You Care?

  • We need a productive workforce.
  • The USA is still a melting pot.
  • We want to reduce poverty and dependence on welfare.
  • We want our children and families to thrive.
  • Social problems have their roots in illiteracy.
  • Illiteracy affects all ages.
  • Illiteracy affects our health.

The future of our community is at stake!

  • Pitt County’s poverty rate is 22%
  • Our unemployment rate is 10.2%
  • Our four-year graduation rate is 57%.
  • 20% of adults do not have high school diplomas.
  • 25,468 residents received Food & Nutrition services in December 2009, which is 15% higher than January 2009.
Statistics are numbers. They can give you an indication of the nature of the problem. Actual people give you the reality.