Become A Tutor

What are the qualifications?
All volunteer tutors must be 18 or older and be able to pass a background check.

How often do I meet with my adult learner?
Volunteer tutors are asked to make a six month commitment to Literacy Volunteers – Pitt County and meet with their learner for a minimum 90 minutes, once a week. The more often learners receive instruction, the faster they make progress.

Where do I meet with my adult learner?
Most sessions take place at the Literacy Volunteers – Pitt County office; however, tutors and learners also meet in various public locations. These locations may include area libraries, churches, or Pitt Community College. Factors such as accessibility, convenience, and safety for both the tutor and learner are considered when deciding on a tutoring location.

Are there any reporting requirements?
Volunteer tutors are required to submit monthly reports that reflect their learner’s progress towards his or her goals. This 10 question survey is completed online and focuses on hours of instruction, materials used, attendance, and progress towards personal goals.

What support is available to me as a tutor?
Program staff is available by phone, e-mail, or in person to consult with tutors. Continuing education sessions are offered quarterly to keep you informed about new and innovative tools. Tutors are required to attend at least one continuing education session a year to maintain certification. Literacy Volunteers – Pitt County’s Resource Library has a wide range of materials available to tutors and learners at no cost. Recourses include, but are not limited to curriculum series, general reading books for all skill levels, manipulatives, and supplemental resources for specific topics.

I want to become a Tutor! What’s my next step?

Call 252-353-6578 or e-mail to schedule an appointment for more information.